What is the WiCS Advocacy Council?

The mission of the WiCS Advocacy Council is to understand the status of gender diversity in technology on our campus and to spread awareness on this gender gap. We research and discuss potential interventions and compile recommendations for navigating this issue.

Harvard’s Women in Computer Science (WiCS) was founded in 2012 to provide a community of technical women at Harvard and beyond. As a part of WiCS, in the spring of 2015, undergrads JN Fang and Ramya Rangan founded the WiCS Advocacy Council, a diverse group of students and faculty aiming to think more broadly about how to reduce the gender gap. Since 2015, the group has sought a better understanding of the gender gap in tech, and has aimed to discuss and share this understanding along with recommendations for addressing this gap.

What we have accomplished:

  • Developed a better understanding of the gender gap by collecting data and conducting surveys of Harvard students and of broader communities (like the students at WECode).
  • Developed a report describing WiCS’ rationale for trying to fix the gender gap in tech, along with useful approaches for addressing these issues and some challenges we face.
  • Collecting resources for helping students and universities to navigate the gender in tech issue.
  • Organizing and leading discussions with faculty, students, and staff to address the gender gap in tech on Harvard’s campus.