The purpose of this report is three-fold: 1) to motivate the importance of addressing the gender imbalance in tech-related fields, 2) to aggregate evidence and research to understand why these problems exist, and 3) provide actionable insights into potential interventions that readers can implement in their school or workplace. We also discuss some challenges to WiCS programs here and discuss building WiCS organizations here. If you have any concern at all about addressing the gender gap in tech, whether addressed here or not, please contact us.

We examine this issue mainly through the lens of a Harvard College student, so our findings and recommendations should be read with this context. As a group of students, we think we are best equipped to make recommendations for what other student groups could do to effect change in their environments. However, we hope and expect that the information in this report will be useful to anyone interested in making sure there are equal opportunities for all genders to work and learn in areas of computer science and technology.