Why We Care

In short, equal gender representation in technology is desirable from both an ethical and a practical perspective.

  • The technology sector is perpetually hungry for more talent, and can put that talent to good use solving some of humanity‚Äôs most pressing and difficult problems. Getting more women involved in technology could nearly double the talent supply for this critical work.
  • Simply stated, diverse groups just perform better. First, they make products designed for a wider group of people. And second, they make better decisions when measured on a variety of metrics..
  • We have a moral and ethical obligation to ensure that people have equal opportunities. No one, no matter their background or features, should face challenges in entering a particular field. This is especially important given the historical and societal bias against women. Please see here for the multitude of ways in which women currently do not have this equal opportunity.
  • The disproportionate eviction of passionate women from an important sector such as technology is an injustice, especially when those women are specifically leaving because of the industry's culture.